About us

GKL Growth Capital AB is a private equity fund that invests in small and mid-sized, Nordic private companies aiming for international expansion with focus on the environmental and clean tech sector.

Competitive advantage

To stay successful in this challenging market, profound knowledge and competence are crucial not only when evaluating investment opportunities, but also to properly select development strategies for the portfolio companies. The management team at GKL Growth Capital consists of entrepreneurial members with strong operational backgrounds. The partners have international experience as well as extensive experience from M&A transactions and IPO’s. This experience from international markets together with deal expertise and strong networks enables GKL Growth Capital to evaluate investment opportunities and build up a strong position for the portfolio companies.

Driving growth and reducing risks

GKL Growth Capital’s experience and know-how is leveraged to permit accelerated growth of portfolio companies by creating profitable and thriving businesses, refining strategy and opportunities in the market. The absolute goal of the active ownership is a high return exit through trade sale, IPO, merger and acquisitions, and other exit routes within a predestined time frame.

Local presence and global reach

Strong local presence is the key to GKL Growth Capital’s success. Having a local office in Stockholm as well as a strong Nordic network permits GKL Growth Capital to generate high quality deal flow and successfully close attractive investments. Combining this local presence with a strong global network enables GKL Growth Capital to help portfolio companies with international expansion and global strategic alliance development.

Strong network

GKL Growth Capital has established strong local and international networks consisting of entrepreneurs, industrialists, financial institutions, co-investors and investors. The international connections provide market knowledge, technical expertise, manufacturing and production infrastructure, and marketing and sales channels. The network also creates opportunities for high returns in international co-investments through strong relationships with highly skilled local lead investors. The value creation of the strong network is also shown in the synergies between Nordic investment objects and the ability to speed up development, accelerate globalization, mitigate risk and attract international capital.